2018s Best Recycling Software of the Most Popular Systems

Real-time Information
  • Recycling services are no longer small scale and need as much attention as any other high profile field services. For this, field service management (FSM) software is mandatory.

    Onsite services still need to be managed from the office and it is always necessary to have access to real-time information from the site visit. A reliable contract management software will take care of field jobs.

    FieldPLANR serves as a complete recycling services contract management software which means you don’t need multiple software to manage different areas of your business. The cloud-based solution allows scalable resources as per your changing business needs.


    Recycling services contract management software firstly automates your workflow and organizes field jobs. Every information is in real-time and accessible at your fingertips from anywhere.

    FieldPLANR is the best contract management solution for recycling service providers and is built with BI-incorporated dashboard.

    The field service management (FSM) software also offers the best contract management for cleaning industries with its highly modular nature. Recycling services contract management solution streamlines workflow and your team performs better. Business is more organized, leading to improved profit.

    Real-time Information:

    Information is everything. When you have access to real-time information that you can access from anywhere, you never have to let your business face any lags. Business from anywhere because that’s the kind of freedom a cloud-based solution offers!

    Reverse Logistics:

    If logistics management is tricky then reverse logistics management is trickier. For recyclable items collected by your field technician, they need to be dismantled in cases like IT hardware, before they are good enough to be re-sold. Inventory management module of FieldPLANR handles logistics, reverse logistics and even purchase orders efficiently. All this while, you can access real-time information from wherever you are!

  • Technician Tracking:

    Provide you field technician the field mobile app that FieldPLANR provides for your onsite technician. Geofencing and other modern features lets you track the location of your technician to ensure they are at the required field.

  • Informed Decisions:

    Every area of your business will have access to the same information that is in real time. Decision makers can take improved decisions to help your business reach goals faster.

    Centralized system that syncs all data that’s input in one place, ensures that all departments view the same data. Access permissions can be set as you wish, through user roles.

    FieldPLANR contract management for cleaning industries and recycling services makes your job as easy as handling the system! At the same time, getting field jobs carried out successfully.

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