6 Ways Software can help Manage Recycling Services better

  • Are you a field service provider? Do you struggle with managing your recycling services onsite? How do your field technicians actually perform?

    You can never be too right about the information that you get from your field engineers. Sometimes this information is a crucial input that influences the growth of your business. FieldPLANR is a field service management solution that works great as a complete recycling services management software.

    What extra can you do with a software solution?

    First and foremost, all your manual tasks are automated so you can use your time to concentrate on important areas of your business. The included features cover all areas that you need to manage your field services management business like a pro.

    With latest scientific techniques such as geofencing, FieldPLANR lets you track your field technician even when he is on the move and the app guides him to use the shortest path to the client site.

    1. Visually Pleasant but Powerful Business Data

    How excellent would it be to have a dashboard that displays real-time stats of your business in a snapshot? No circles, only bulls eye. All the right information with no place for errors helps you make the best business decisions.

    FieldPLANR software solution has a built-in powerful dashboard with the latest business intelligence tools to give you access to modernization of the IT and hence better exposure on how to grow your business better. The stats are in a visually pleasing format that also makes it easily readable by everyone.


  • 2. Better Customer Handling & Services

    Any software can provide client data storage, a good software can provide you complete management of clients, prospects and ever suppliers including follow up techniques. Advanced CRM feature of FieldPLANR automates follow-ups and makes information easily accessible.


  • 3. No more phone calls for scheduling onsite services

    The FieldPLANR software’s calendar-based scheduling allows a brilliant drag & drop functionality based on the  technician availability for easy scheduling of field visits. Technician gets alerted on his field mobile app instantly. Monitor visits right from your seat. Schedule services at your efficient best.


  • 4. Accurate, Automated Quote Estimates and Online Approval with Job Management

    Accurate quote estimates (with cost splitting) are calculated on the basis of services and inventory that will be used for the job. Quotes can then be shared with customers who can approve it online so you can further progress it to job, one-time or recurring. Impress clients with this automation and retain them for a long time. 


  • 5. Save cost on inventory item purchases

    Set low stock alerts for each inventory item to avoid unnecessary bulk purchases, thus saving a lot of cost. Use the cost for other constructive purposes to improve your business. Also find the actual inventory count in real-time.


  • 6. Automation of Purchase Orders

    Save purchase order information and use as it is for the next order or edit further to quickly place orders with relevant supplier. You can even customize to place PO automatically when a stock runs low.



    FieldPLANR optimizes your workflow from planning & scheduling to best use of field technicians and thus best services to your clients. Read more about job management for recycling services and how FieldPLANR can help. Customized recycling management software at a highly affordable cost is just what you need. Use the solution that people around the globe trust.


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