Automated Field Service Management - Know How It Helps Industry Growth

  • An Automated Field Service Management software is a must for modern day field service industries. The software provides required accuracy in scheduling and implementation of jobs to reach the targets set by the organization.

    Field service Management is helping industries grow by easing their entire workflow. A field service automation software can be defined as organizing field operations through a mobile workforce. In other words, it covers all activities from quoting, scheduling service orders, and tracking job status. Many field service organizations are adopting a fully equipped field service automation software to manage onsite jobs.

    FieldPLANR is a cloud-based solution that offers SaaS (software-as-a-service) model with regular upgrades. It is an automated field service software that helps streamline your workflow and empowers your on-site technicians to schedule service orders, track vehicle locations, and conveniently check job status via mobile-phone or tablet.

    How FieldPLANR will boost industrial growth:

    Automation is the key to success. Likewise, the same holds true for field service management industries. According to experts, field service management software is anticipated to grow at a rate of about 30% by 2020. Organizations that employed a field service solution have witnessed a strong improvement in job efficiency. Field service management software handles scheduling service orders, dispatching technicians, tracking employee activities, tracing the location of vehicles, managing inventory, etc.

    Field Service Industries are living through an economic boom owing to its rapid growth. The demand for service industries appears to have augmented over 30% in the past five years. The presence of automation is the driving force behind the overall growth of field service management industry. And hence, an automated field service solution is undoubtedly crucial to boost industry growth.

    Benefits and Functions of an Automated Field Service Management Software:

    Improved quality of field jobs:

    Field Service Automation Software will turn your field workers more productive. It therefore helps simplify your workflow and enables your front-line employees to do their jobs more efficiently.

    Optimum utilization of resources:

    The utmost important part of choosing a field service management software is its ability to help you manage your resources in the best way possible. It helps you efficiently manage your service technicians and you can keep track of the workflow in real-time.

    Boost revenue:

    Field service industries can boost revenue by employing an automated field management software. FieldPLANR automated field service management solution will help you better manage your workforce with reduced costs and thus increase profitability.

    Faster deployment:

    The modern day field service management software has led to faster deployment of jobs and therefore, optimal usage of available resources.

    High ROI:

    Field service management software has a proven record of high ROI as compared to manual methods and is exceptionally scalable. The software automates in a streamlined manner and it lessens the complexity of meeting growing customer demands and aggressive service delivery levels by adapting to the changing needs of customers.

    Increased customer satisfaction:

    An automated field service software monitors all field service activities in real time and helps execute field jobs with sheer perfection. As a result, customers are always pleased due to on time delivery of services.

    Interactive scheduling:

    With a schedule manager, you can instantly schedule onsite visits. You can schedule and re-schedule visits as per client’s convenience. Service companies can drastically cut consumption and drive distances by planning all the visits in advance and by avoiding repeated visits.


    Most field service industries are turning towards adapting a cloud based solution. FSM solution lets you handle all field service operations with great ease and precision.

    Field service industries are growing at an exceedingly high rate and the demand for field services has appeared to surpass over 30% in the last five years resulting from increasing population and rapid industrialization. Hence, it is the best time for field service providers to start investing smartly on Field Service Management to sustain in the rigorous market.

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