Services Manager

  • If you’re here, most chances are that your business is into providing field services to clients!

  • Services can range from a simple task to a bunch of complicated tasks, depending upon various factors. Services may include cleaning, plumbing, electrical work and property maintenance to name a few. If your business belongs to any of these service provisions, you will know how hard it can get to fulfill customer requests. 

    The typical flow of completing a service:

    • Create Project 
    • Create Jobs (need not be part of a project)
    • Check with the client for their availability and time convenience
    • Create Visits accordingly
    • Check for inventory and availability
    • Check for relevant technician’s availability 
    • Schedule Visits
    • On completion, generate invoices
    • Send across invoices for clients to make payment.
  • Managing these services is a tough task, especially if the entire process is manually carried out, given that there will be a lot of paperwork involved and entered data is error-prone. 

    The solution to this is automation. Automate the entire flow of processes for your field services. This goes easy on you and in turn on your clients too! Benefits include data backup and security. Centralized system always displays accurate data for you and your technicians. The field service coordinator will get your business automated and running! 

  • The Field Service Organizing System

    The first step that automation starts with, is organizing. An organized business grows way faster than one that’s unorganized. The flow of processes to get a service completed is well understood by creators of the field service coordinator. A manual system can never promise you an error-free management but an automated solution like FieldPLANR will take over your business’ workflow to give you a smooth output.

    Here’s how the field service management solution makes a difference:

    • Any project or job that’s created can always be edited.
    • Nearly every module – project, job, quote, invoice, etc., have a ‘copy’ option to create a similar counterpart with ease.
    • Scheduling visit/s for a job can’t get easier than the drag & drop calendar! 
    • Calendar view of the scheduler shows availability of technicians including time slots for easy assignment of visits.
    • Dedicated technician app (field app) ensures service is provided at its best. 
    • Details of any module can be accessed at any point of time with advanced search including multiple filters. 
    • Real-time track of inventory items and quantities to avoid unnecessary purchases or running out of stock.
    • Separate lists for unpaid invoices and uninvoiced visits (completed) to keep track of payments by clients. 
    • Multiple payment options for payment flexibility to clients; multiple accounting packages that they can export their invoices to. 
  • You can add multiple categories based on the field services provided by your business. Every service can be assigned a category based on its features. Thanks to the services module, you will never have to create details about a service from the scratch! you can just use one of the existing (created) ones any number of times. 

    Services can be created as one-time or recursive. A one-time service is self explanatory while a recursive service is one that can be repeated – the details can be mentioned accordingly, including approximate quantity of inventory required. The inventory items can be chosen from those that are already a part of the inventory, or new items can also be easily updated. Inventory for a service can also be directly assigned right from the page of that service. See how modules connect each other and automate your entire workflow? this is just one of the benefits of using the field service manager.

    If your requirements seem similar or even if you have any further requests, kindly contact us here to automate field services provided by your business.