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  • Field services have advanced and customer demands an automated handling of the field services they expect from their field service provider.

    The first thing you must concentrate on is clearly customer management. A regular CRM will do no good, what you need is a full-fledged Field Management CRM Solution that takes care of it all! A good CRM Field Service Software must automate follow-ups, which is a major step up for customer satisfaction.

    You can also track sales with a smart Sales Tracking CRM Solution. Field sales management software can let you set forecast and compare with actual sales value. FieldPLANR is the best Field Service Management Software (FSM) that lets you do all this and a lot more!

    Field management solutions are here to automate every area of field service providers. The unique part about this Field Management Solution is that it is the perfect Field Service CRM Software for ANY business size. The FieldPLANR FSM solution is not just a software but a complete CRM Field Service Solution that manages your clients while streamlining your business.

    Cloud-based field service CRM software allows for scalable resources as per your varying needs and can be accessed from anywhere! The outstanding field management CRM solution also has a supported field mobile app to take your business on the go. The technician app is handy and can be carried onsite by your field technician.

  • The field mobile app is designed smartly and is available for android as well as iOS devices. The Best Field Management CRM Solution app allows technician to:

    • Add tasks, view assigned tasks
    • Add prospects (company or individual)
    • One click call to customer through the app
    • Gather and add notes from onsite, even from remote areas without internet connectivity.
    • Receive notifications in Real-Time
    • Access to customized forms

    There is the added innovative feature ‘customized forms’ that can be used for any purpose you need! Surveys, checklist and the list goes on. These forms are accessible by your field technician right through his app!

    Latest technology incorporation such a geofencing lets you track technician location with reference to your specified radius of the field in consideration. Advanced dashboard is customizable and displays all important business data in a single place. Decision makers can always make informed decisions for the benefit of your business.

    Centralized system for the admin who can create as many users as required, with differing access permissions. This also means the same information is visible in real-time to all users.

    FieldPLANR is a Field Service Management Software that is highly modular and is created for the modern field service provider

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