Boost Your Property Maintenance Services Software With These Tips

Technician Dispatch and Management
  • Property maintenance involves a huge set of tasks that need to be followed but it gets hard to manage them manually. A property maintenance services software is what you need to automate onsite tasks for your property maintenance services.

    A top property management software can handle any size of projects whether it involves one-time or recurring jobs.

    FieldPLANR is the best building maintenance software that helps you attain the highest efficiency and thus maximized profit. Scheduling right ensures that your field technicians are never idle or over working.

    Dispatch technician through real-time scheduling that displays technician availability. Avoid unnecessary trips and dispatch nearest technician for onsite visits.

    Property maintenance software does not require days off. Works any day, every day and for as long as you want it to. Whether you own a property management services company or own a property that you want to maintain efficiently, FieldPLANR is perfect for you.

    These tips will help you boost your property maintenance services software:


    CRM when used right can boost your business to a great extent. It helps you retain your longest serving, trusted customers as well as convert prospects into customers. Prospects, Clients and supplier management from a single module. Tasks and calls feature will give your staff no space to miss out on follow ups.

    Notes feature for each task/call so any staff member can continue with any case mid-way. Effortlessly give importance to each and every entity with more priority to most promising clients.


    Inventory management is directly proportional to successful onsite jobs. Set low stock alerts to never run out of stock of any item from the inventory. With a good property maintenance software solution, schedule visits without the fear of running out on required items. You have access to item count in real time, whenever you want to check on it.

    Technician Management:

    Don’t know where to start? The best property maintenance software will provide you with multiple options to manage your technicians. From tracking their location to accessing info updated from the technician mobile app, you can always make informed technician dispatch for jobs.

    Job Management & Reporting:

    Manage both one-time and recurring jobs effortlessly and get them completed on time. Impress customer with outstanding services with the help of real-time scheduling and dispatch. Job status access for authorized staff.

    System generated and customized reporting feature lets you analyze your business growth and make the best business decisions.

    Workflow Management:

    Lets your workflow in the right direction with no space for errors. Organized workflow saves you time so you can concentrate on important parts of your business rather than worrying about workflow. Centralized system displays all info in real-time so you can access from anywhere and stay worry-free of office tasks.

    Keep in mind the points discussed to boost your property maintenance services software and make the most out of your investment.

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