Contract Management for Landscaping Services

  • Live up to the expectations of your client with the highly professional landscaping services contract management software

  • Scheduling services manually can be a pain and you would know it best if you provide landscaping services. With clients ranging from small to large scale, demands vary too, and you need a software that can help you with automation so you provide your customer impressive services.

  • Modules tailor-made for landscaping services management make FieldPLANR the complete field service management (FSM) software. The workflow management system takes care of every service that you offer, plus also manages your field technicians!

    Landscaping Services Management

    The FSM software works to deliver landscaping services just as expected and with a high professional approach. Automation of services means better contract management of gardening, lawn maintenance or other landscaping services. A history of all tasks/services that you can access at any point of time and use it as a guide to improve your business. Alert technicians on their field app when you assign them a visit or reschedule a visit assigned to them.

    Quote Management for Services

    Create and store multiple services and inventory items in the contract management software. Quickly create quote for any contract by adding these services. Assigned inventory items and quantity is automatically considered based on the services chosen and quote is calculated in an instant. Preview quote and share with your client in a readable PDF format in one click.

    Scheduling Manager on Calendar

    Schedule services in an instant with the modern Scheduler on calendar. Scheduling manager displays the availability of technician in real-time and lets you schedule future visits for  a cent percent successful completion. Create categories and assign each service once of these categories for easy identification. For recurring contracts, based on the repetition you have specified, the scheduler automatically creates visits for each recursion, but these can be re-scheduled if you prefer so.

    Purchase Order Manager

    Manage supplier information with the advanced CRM module. Create purchase orders and use them instantly. History of purchase orders assures you have a point of reference to charge your customers for services based on the varying prices (also including taxes) that you are paying your supplier. Update a purchase order for any field (quantity, price, etc) anytime. Goods can be marked as received once they are delivered to you.

    Field Mobile App for Technician

    Your field technicians can now be monitored virtually. Provide them the field mobile app where they can update images, status of service, add notes and more from onsite. This data is synced into the  centralized system (web application) that you can access through your location, office or anywhere else! Stopwatch feature allows you to track the work hours that the field technician took to complete the relevant service, and thus regularly monitor their performance.

    For free trial of the FieldPLANR landscaping service management software, contact us here.