Contract Management for Recycling Services

  • Make recycling services management smooth with a perfect scheduler in place only with the best field service management (FSM) software FieldPLANR

  • Do you have the best technicians but are struggling to arrange field services and thus losing out on good business? Incorporating modern scientific techniques including geofencing, FieldPLANR will become your one-stop business partner that automates your business so you can give your customer the best services.

  • The cloud-based solution offers multiple modules to automate every part of your business and give you a seamless contract management software. Managing field services involves an array of tasks and our software includes smooth management of each part of your contracts. Finally a software that includes both field services and reverse logistics management. 

    Quote Management with Cost Splitting

    Quote is calculated on the basis of services assigned and the inventory quantity and price assigned to these services. For recycling services, quote also considers the distance (Rs/km) and vehicle type used by the driver to collect recyclable items of the client. This ensures accurate quote estimates with clear display of cost splitting. Preview and share the final quote with your customer in a readable PDF format in an instant.

    Recycling Services Contract Management

    Contract management or job management for your recycling services majorly influences how your business improves over time. The FieldPLANR contract management software for recycling services ensures seamless contract management and includes supportive modules like the CRM, quotes, inventory, visits and scheduler. Option to create one-time or recurring (repeat) contracts/jobs. With a perfect FSM solution, you have greater chances of gaining the best ROI.

    Driver Mobile App

    Give your field worker/driver an app where they can update contract details on-the-go. Given that the FSM software is built with latest scientific techniques such as geofencing (on the basis of GPS and RFID), the possibilities you can use the software for, are unlimited. You get to track the location of your technician without having to communicate. The FSM software alerts you if driver is found anywhere out of the specified boundary including the item’s requested pick-up site. Once the item in consideration is picked up from the specified field/site, the driver updates the same on his driver app. The app notifies customer if driver is running late for some reason like traffic, so your client will not lose patience.

    Inventory Management

    Inventory management for recycling services is a challenging task and the field service operations software handles it with ease, so the burden is not on you. The inventory count for items gained from dismantling the received machine (electronic) from the client can be increased if the QC is passed. These can either be existing items or can be added as brand new/used items in the inventory that are good enough to be reused for further services. You always have real-time information of inventory items in stock. Manage reverse logistics smartly with just one software. 

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