Contract Management Software: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

  • Let us start by telling you that Contract management is not as simple as it sounds, it’s a tricky business. And then there’s one-time jobs as well as recurring jobs; a different one for each customer.

    Manual handling of contracts is far more than outdated and does more bad than good, given that information is ever increasing.

  • An software that automates your contract management ensures that all information that is in reach, is as accurate as it can get. Most contract management software for field services come with multiple features for different phases of your field service business.

    The best software for field services management come in a highly modular form with each module carefully created to handle one part of field services. The reason being quite obvious, you get to choose the modules that you require.

    Infomaze provides a complete field service management (FSM) software FieldPLANR that can be customized according to your industry. The best selling modifications are:

    With people getting smarter towards preserving a good environment, recycling industry is at its peak. They need Recycling Services Contract Management Software to help them manage their field services best.

    On the other hand cleaning industries such as glass cleaning & swimming pool cleaning businesses are facing their own challenges. Contract management software for cleaning industries is thus equally important, whether for one-time or recursive jobs.

    If you want to increase profit while just streamlining your workflow, you need Contract Management Software! How the solution automates your business:

    Workflow Management:

    Ensure workflow is exactly the way it should be. Create user roles, assign different access permissions for each role. Assign tasks and calls to staff as required. Centralized system always lets you access real-time information.

  • Customer Relations Management:

    Advanced CRM module lets you manage customers, prospects and even suppliers in just one place. No need to lose any more information. Follow-ups will now never be missed as you ad tasks/calls and assign them to staff to be carried out and they can then mark as complete.

    Contracts Management:

    Contracts management or job management is one of the major modules and crucial for nay field services provider. Create one-time or recurring jobs, assign technicians using the real-time calendar scheduler that shows technician availability. Even invoices can be created partially or fully, before, during or after job completion!

    Calendar Scheduler:

    Schedule visits for contracts in real-time with the help of calendar that also displays technician availability. With various views including team view, you have multiple options to schedule perfectly, so the field services are highly successful. This also means satisfied customers.

    Inventory Management:

    Inventory is automatically updated on the basis of orders and purchase orders. Set low stock alerts to never run out of stock of any inventory item. Ensure al inventory supplies are always in stock and ready to be used for immediate field service requirements as well.

    Field Mobile App:

    Field mobile app is dedicated to the field technician who can carry it onsite and make updates that reflects in the centralized system. Especially helpful in remote areas with no internet as well, as data is still recorded and automatically synced once internet connection is gained back.

  • These are just a few features among the many available features of the best contract management solution for field service providers. Highly customizable contract management software can now be yours anytime!

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