• In general, a Dashboard mainly depicts a brief note of  the observed KPIs (key performance indicators) of a business of any field. In short, it denotes the business progress in various formats such as graphs. 

  • Quick Snapshot

    The field service manager displays a dashboard that can be customized to your preference, based on your business. A dashboard must be created in a way that it displays all important details of your business in a snapshot. 

    As soon as you login to access your FieldPLANR account, you will view its dynamic dashboard that displays real-time data. Important details regarding jobs, visits, schedules, tasks, calls that need to be accessed on a daily basis and multiple times. The field service coordinator provides these details to you in the form of ‘Widgets’ that can be chosen under settings. 

    You can find these important statistics or the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the dynamic dashboard. These indicators show where you stand as a business and help your business decisions that would be vital for its growth. 

    Tasks/Calls that need to be followed up and those that are overdue can also be chosen to be displayed on the dashboard, as they are one of the top most priorities. 

  • Build your own widgets

  • Given that the field service coordinator is highly customizable, you can even build you own widgets. Settings offer multiple widgets that you can choose from. Customize the options (shortcuts) such as print. Depending on the type of data the widget displays, you can pick from graphical or tabular view for a dynamic representation that is also highly comprehensive. These widgets modify themselves according to the changing data of your business. 

    Another attractive and useful feature is mini widgets that you can choose to display along with widgets on the dashboard. Mini widgets automatically calculate what you have chosen – for example, if you have chosen overdue invoices, a total of all overdue invoices is calculated and displayed in that mini widget. 

  • The best part of the dashboard is that you can even customize each widget in various manners. Name them in order to best suit your preferences! You can save the whole layout (including widgets and mini widgets) once you have made all the required changes.

    Personalized widgets make the appearance even more appealing and of course, functional as per your needs. Imagine opening your field service management solution to see all the information you require on just one page?

    Well, this is it! Contact the team here to know more.