Contract Management for Electrical Services

  • Schedule electrical services for your customer and manage all inventory in a single place. Sounds cool? Smart features like instant quoting and flexible invoicing ensure that you turn into your customer’s favorite service provider!

    FieldPLANR starts by automating your whole workflow and thus reducing manual tasks by nearly 90%. Automated contract/job management and other parts of your workflow also means that chances of errors are almost 0%.

    FieldPLANR is a cloud-based job management software with a simple user interface and minimal design that makes it ideal for use by staff with less or no technical knowledge. It is the ideal customer management software that also includes prospect and supplier management.

    We know what it takes to help you reach the top of your business and stay there. FieldPLANR solves all your issues like a pro with the following tailor-made features for electrical service providers like yourself.

  • Scheduling Electrical Services

    Use the real-time drag & drop scheduler with various views to schedule visits for jobs and assign technicians.

    • Schedule electrical services in an instant with the help of the drag and drop calendar based on relevant technician availability displayed in real time!
    • Avoid unnecessary trips by technicians with a thorough planning system in place.
    • Address urgent requirements by rescheduling any visit right from the office or wherever you are.
    • Alert the technician on the go about the visit, through instant notifications on his field mobile app.
  • Inventory Management

    Inventory quantity updates automatically on the basis of jobs, purchase orders & more. Real-time access to inventory items and customizable low stock alerts.

    • Never cancel or worse, leave a visit unattended to, especially due to running out of inventory stock!
    • Set a low-stock threshold for items and if an item falls below that count, the system alerts you of the same in the form of dedicated alerts/notifications.
    • Maintain an optimal level of stock and you will never have to waste cost on unnecessary purchases.
    • With a centralized information system, inventory is always updated based on order shipments/delivery and purchase orders and thus, information is displayed in real-time.
  • Contract Management

    Manage contracts (jobs) on the automated FieldPLANR contract manager module and keep track of status and technician presence at all time.

    • Give your customer solid reassurance by signing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with them.
    • Manage contracts professionally and never fail to carry out visits successfully just as scheduled.
    • Alert customer when the SLA is about to expire and retain your client for a really long time.
    • Make timely order fulfillment a real thing with both one-time and recursive contracts!
  • Instant Quotes

    Automated quote estimation for field service jobs. One step sharing with customer in a readable PDF format that they can approve online.

    • Quote management is easy whether you are a solo start-up or a well placed enterprise.
    • Create quotes on mobile app and share via email with customer in a customized PDF letterhead with detailed cost splitting of services and inventory items.
    • Hide your personal profit margin from those you wish to, such as technicians or salespersons, to stay private.
    • Analyze performance of sales team with the forecasting feature.
  • Invoicing & Payments

    Multiple invoicing options based on customer preference. Let your customer use their favorite accounting package too!

    • Flexible invoice creation options – before, during or after a contract is completed.
    • you can also record payments as part or full payments for future reference.
    • All invoices can be found in one place with quick access to uninoviced visits or unpaid invoices to follow up and get paid on time for your services.
    • Multiple payment modes for your client such as credit cards, online bank transfer or cash.
    • Run system generated reports or customize your own tabular or summary reports.
  • Easy Customer Surveys

    Multipurpose forms feature that can be used for surveys by customers or creating checklists of field services for your technicians.

    Schedule electrical services in an instant with the help of the drag and drop calendar based on relevant technician availability displayed in real time!

    • Customer management is a positive affair with FieldPLANR. Hear back from your customer by sharing with them a service experience (survey) form to fill out and rate.
    • Use all the positive feedback as a strong motivation for your tech team that would boost their performance to great heights.
    • Customers can have favorites too! Based on the feedback or any other form of communication, assign their favorite technician (based on availability) for all their service visits.
  • Modern reporting feature with system generated and customized reporting system in place to analyze your business and take best business decisions. If you provide electrical services to your clients, look no further than FieldPLANR to manage all tasks seamlessly and impress your customers. Contact us here for any questions.