Field Mobile App

  • We want to make your one-stop solution for field service management available on the go too! Check out the amazing features of our Field Mobile App.

  • Fully-loaded Field App

    The Field App is the mobile app provided by the field service planning system that integrates seamlessly with the web solution. It is so versatile that your field engineer/technician can even use it on a tab! The user-friendly app has multiple features that you’ll love! 

    Features for Field Engineer/Technician

    When you schedule a visit for any job, you assign a technician and this technician will receive an update wherever he is. Isn’t that amazing? He has the power to assign the same to another fellow technician if he is unable to carry out that task for some reason.

    The feature ‘Timer’ allows technician to start it when the service starts and on completion, it can be stopped. Another attractive feature is that the timer can even be paused, giving flexibility to update services requiring more than one visit.

    Real-time notifications are received on:

    • Assignment of new task/call/visit including relevant details
    • Cancellation of visit for the field service
    • Re-assignment of task/call/visit

    How the technician can use it:

    • Receive real-time notifications;
    • Add task/call from onsite;
    • Change visit status to complete (or any customized), add notes (such as extra inventory used) including images that can be taken onsite;
    • Re-assign a visit assigned to him to another technician if need arises – ensuring that the task is completed without any interruption;
    • Works just as efficiently, offline too!
    • Easy to use and smooth navigation.
  • The field app ensures that there your field services will never go incomplete by lack of means of  communication with your technicians. All data that has been input on the field app by your technician is automatically synced with the web application for access to real-time data by all members.  Read more Mobile Apps for Field Services.

    Offline Mode

    The data that’s input into the field app is immediately synced with the web system even if there is no connection to the internet – that is, it efficiently works offline. The only possibility of any delay in data syncing would be if the internet connectivity is unavailable such as in case of remote areas with little or no reception.

    Features for the Sales Team

    Sales team can only perform full-fledged if given the flexibility to collect data digitally. Since they are always on the move, it is important for them to have an app that would aid communication with staff at the office.

    Here’s how they can use the field app:

    • The sales team will have access to the CRM module just as in the web application;
    • All necessary details of a new enquiry can be quickly added from the app;
    • Add a new task/call as required;
    • Record conversations, add images.

    Just as it works for technicians, even data from the app of sales team will reflect in real time on the web application. Advanced search allows the admin to access any information that’s needed with the help of multiple filters and also analyze the performance of your sales team.

    If you have any further concerns regarding Field Service Mobile App Solution, do not hesitate to contact us here.