Field Service Management Software for Small Business

  • Field service organizations have a lot to manage including jobs, inventory, customer relation, suppliers, field engineers (technicians) and much more.

    Small businesses struggle so much to manage the above that they are hardly left with any time to concentrate on areas of business that may require immediate attention. Neither can they afford more manpower. But there is one thing they can do – automate!

    Investing in a good software solution to automate all tasks will not only ease and streamline workflow but will also help you gain more profit.

    Cloud-based solutions are even better as you pay on a monthly basis and only for chosen modules of the software. This way you have to don’t end up paying for any module that you will not even be using.

    Benefits of incorporating field service management software:

  • Field Mobile App

    The technician app or field mobile app allows technicians to use the clock when they complete and end a visit, change job status (complete/partially done, etc.) and much more, even when the visit site is in a remote place. In this case the update will automatically sync into centralized system when internet becomes available again.

  • Seamless Job Completion 

    With field service management software, you can have the skills, tools and other inventory well known by technicians. You can categorize technicians depending upon their skill set and dispatch them according to job requirements.

  • Inventory management

    Real-time access to inventory count that’s calculated – decreased or increased – based on completed services and received purchase orders respectively.

  • Purchase orders

    Create purchase orders, automate future purchase orders for regular requirements. Alternatively, or manually re-use a created purchase order to quickly place the same order anytime. Cut down verbal communication with suppliers via numerous phone calls.

    Advanced CRM and Dashboard

    CRM module lets you manage not just customers, but also prospects and suppliers in a single place. Add tasks/calls and assign it to staff so you never miss out no follow up or other required communication. Dashboard has multiple settings and you can view crucial data via various widgets to make best business decisions.

  • Customized Multipurpose Forms

    The field service management software solution offers forms that you can customize to serve various purposes such as feedback., surveys or even technician checklist for inventory/tools. Find out what your part of your field services customers rated best and much more; technicians with highest rating and much more.

    As a result, reduce the cost of running your field service business. Try FieldPLANR to know how automation can entirely change the way you business.

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