How Field Management CRM Solution Can Increase Your Profit!

Remote Access
  • Enjoy multiple benefits with a field service management software that increases profit while you just manage your workflow best.


    Remote Management:

    Cloud-based field service management software solution can be accessed from anywhere giving you the power to manage your workflow even when you are not physically present in the office premises. With latest technology like geofencing, you can monitor whether your technician is in the range of field location. Get the most out of your investment into your staff and optimize profit.


  • Instantaneous Actions:

    Perform instantaneous actions such as quote to job progress in one click, as centralized system always shows data in real time. This means customers are happy as their tasks are never delayed for any reason. Monitor work progress by updates into the system by your staff including technicians on their field mobile app. Ensure staff does their assigned work as required.

    Customer Management:

    Field Management CRM Solution provides management for not just customers but also prospects and suppliers in one place. Create tasks and calls and assign them to your staff to follow up with customer, prospect or client. Impress customers and thus convert more prospects into clients.


  • Save budget:

    Set low stock alerts for inventory items and automate purchase orders for items that you know you will be needing often for the services you provide. Avoid bulk purchases unless necessary. Scale resources up or down on the cloud solution and be ready to handle extreme changes in flow of data. Only pay for what you have used.

  • Time on your hands:

    Since nearly every task is automated, you get a lot of time to concentrate on the areas of your business requiring your attention. Improve your business, draw out the best planning for maximized profit while all you are doing is setting the field service management software to suit your needs.

    From the above points it is clear how you will receive an increased profit in multiple ways. Do not think twice to get automated and switch to the reliable FieldPLANR system.

    Unlike most similar software, FieldPLANR works equally great for both individuals and companies as clients. Try now to experience professional level field service management for your business.



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