How To Find The Right Field Management CRM Solution For Your Product or Service

  • Field service providers want to make sure that everything is right – starting from a great CRM (customer relationship management) approach. Your customer data is ever increasing. Manually keeping track, let alone follow-ups, is something you can no longer rely on.

    Automation is the unquestionable solution. A top notch field service management software (FSM Software) will automate your business and also streamline workflow.

    Whether you have trouble following up with your customer or retaining them, CRM field service solution will ensure that all’s taken care of. CRM field service software will also help you convert more prospects into customers and keep track of the same with ease.

    CRM is directly proportional to the rate of your sales. Thus, a field service CRM software that also serves as your field sales management software, cutting off the need for a separate software, is a gift!

    The same software will help you in tracking sales and automatically helps you aim at a quicker and optimized ROI for your field services.

    FieldPLANR is a Field Management CRM Solution that includes many more features and stands out to differ from other typical FSM software.

    With multiple software come multiple rules (which differ to a great extent), meaning that, you need to train your staff that many times. FieldPLANR is a complete field management solution that plays the role of multiple software that you may use to handle different areas of your business.

    Here are the areas that field service providers can manage seamlessly with FieldPLANR:


    The CRM Field Service Software is a one-stop place that allows management of not just clients, but also prospects and suppliers.

    Tasks and Calls feature allows to create follow-ups ad set alerts for the same. Retain clients with greater service. The feature easily increases the rate of conversion of prospects into leads.

    Workflow Management

    FieldPLANR Field Service Management Software being cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere, anytime! Manage your business without having to be present in the office premises. Assign your staff tasks right from where you are, with an internet-connected device.

    Automate workflow and increase productivity and much more with the most easy-to-use field management solution.


    Field service providers think twice about investing in any software. So do their clients before they pick out a company that provides them field services. FieldPLANR calculates accurate quotes for field jobs based on service, inventory items used, tax (if applicable) and more.

    Create quotes in an instant and share them online from anywhere, for customer approval. You no longer need to keep any customer waiting to receive quotes.

    Sales Forecast

    Can you plan to foresee your profits? With FieldPLANR Sales Tracking CRM Solution, you easily can! Set expected forecast for individual salesperson or sales team. They will have a target to reach while you can compare targeted forecast versus actual sales value. Measure the performance of your employees and know what’s best for your business.

    Technician App

    CRM field service solution is your technician’s perfect companion! Technician app that is used as field mobile app can be carried by technician for onsite services. They can add images, notes and more that reflect in the centralized system so authorized access always has reach to information in real-time.

    Technician receives notifications in real-time so urgent tasks can be assigned as soon as needed. Job status can be changed by technician as necessary.

  • In remote areas with no reach to internet connection, notes, images, etc., that’s input is saved and automatically updated in the centralized system on gaining back internet connectivity.

    These are just some features to mention. The Field management CRM solution provides a lot more at a price affordable by every size of field service provider business.

    Learn more by signing up for our 30-day free trial! Free consultation with an expert.

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