How To Turn Property Maintenance Services Software Into Success

Handle Business from Anywhere
  • With the fast paced field services evolving every passing day, manual approach for property maintenance is no longer feasible.

    Imagine if one solution could ward off all paper work while it also automates tasks! Top property management software ends your woes and ensures you access the information that you need – whenever, wherever!

    Cloud-based property maintenance services software can be accessed from anywhere via an internet-connected device.

    Property maintenance software allows you to provide professional field services effortlessly, so you can concentrate on other important areas of your business.

    The best building maintenance software automates tasks, streamlines workflow and gives you a vivid overview of where your business stands.

    Top property management software offers multiple features that streamline onsite services for property maintenance.

    Keeping property looking brand new will increase customer satisfaction and thus boost your profits. Use the calendar scheduler of property maintenance software FieldPLANR to optimize field jobs. Real-time availability of technician gives you the power to dispatch the same technician to two different jobs with nearby sites. This automatically fills scheduling gaps.

    Advanced Dashboard

    Dashboard is customizable with a number of widgets. Customize according to your business needs. Find all important business information in one place.

    Scheduling and Technician Tracking

    Scheduling can’t get easier than on the calendar. FieldPLANR offers multiple views with real-time technician availability for optimized scheduling. This results in high productivity rates of field technicians and most feasible fuel consumption, thus saving cost.

    Geofencing and other modern technologies let you track your field technician’s location for any reason, from wherever you are.

    Notes and Images

    Nothing talks like pictures. The mobile field app meant for technician onsite allows image capture that is updates in real-time on the centralized system. Compare before and after images to analyze technician performance.

    Technician can also add notes for further explanation from onsite. The app even inputs data from client sites in remote locations with no internet access. This data is automatically synced into the centralized system when internet connectivity is gained back.


    Reporting feature lets you run system generated or those reports that are created by you. Analyze business growth. Let decision makers make the best decisions for your business.

    Centralized system means that every department of your business will have access to the same information at any given point of time.

    Nobody likes to wait around. Customer is least likely to have the patience to wait till you share quotes after your discussion about field services. With FieldPLANR property maintenance services software, quotes are instantly calculated and can be shared with customer in one click.

    Customer can then approve the quote easily, online. Approved quote can in turn be progressed to job in a single step. So, quote creation to approval to job creation hardly takes time and thus lets you bag more field jobs!

    FieldPLANR is a complete property maintenance software that will replace multiple software that you use to manage different areas of your business.

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