Inventory Manager

  • Inventory management specifies the shape and placement of stocked goods at different locations within a facility or within many locations of a supply network to precede the regular and planned course of production and stock of materials.

  • Stock Management

    Always keep a track of the inventory that is currently available. Manually set the cost, tax rate (if applicable), etc., for each product. 

    More often than not, some of these items may get damaged during a task/during transportation. In such cases, there is an option wherein you can adjust the quantity (increase/decrease) and the final stock will automatically be calculated and displayed. There’s space to even mention the reason for adjustment as well – this helps avoid loss the next time, thus saving cost. 

    Manage your stock so that you will never order more stock than is required, thereby reducing waste. Order just the amount that is required – meaning that, every job will now utilize only fresh stock. 

  • Low Stock Reminders, Purchase Orders

    Manually set an alert for low stock. Once the stock reaches down to this level, you will be alerted so that you can place order for/purchase more stock. Never run out of stock of any item required for a job with this option.

    Also get email notifications for the same every four hours. You do not need a separate software to keep track of it, you get alerted according to when you have set it! Isn’t that simple?

  • Complete History

    Let’s admit, most of us are not geniuses and can’t remember what we did the previous day. So, how can one keep a track of the jobs being carried and inventory utilized for his business?

    FieldPLANR will do it for you! One more reason why you NEED this. The field management solution gets you the entire history of jobs with every possible details such as the stock that was utilized, the date and time, technician that was assigned and so on.

    You don’t always need to come back, login and find the history. You can export it too, thereby allowing access at all time. Every time some items are utilized, that particular item’s stock will be reduced accordingly and as and when it happens. Find the date and time of the job that resulted in the same.

  • Custom Reporting

    Save reports by any customized name that helps. Just like CRM or Job reports, you can even save inventory reports in either tabular view or summary view. Add description for better understanding. These analytical reports help in making your purchases more accurate.

    Manually pick out the columns (fields) that you would like to see appear in the report. Easily search the report you are looking for, with our quick search option.

    The reports are helpful in saving a huge cost to the company. Analyze the stock that usually gets destroyed during purchase or selling – during transport – for e.g., a kind of liquid chemical might spill and go in vain. While re-stocking the inventory, you can use this data and purchase along with the extra units (that can be calculated to go wasted). These reports stating the stock utilized, wasted etc., are termed as the ‘Stock Consumption Reports.’

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