Invoice Manager

  • Invoices are a great way to share cost break-up details with your clients. Allow your customers full payments or part payments only with FieldPLANR. 

  • Automation

    Automate invoice creation with the invoice manager module offered by the field service coordinator. The manual, time consuming process of invoice calculation and creation can now be replaced with FieldPLANR’s invoice manager.

    The invoice manager module provided by the field service organizing system not only does it’s job but the created invoices give you two different views:

    • Summary view
    • Cost View

    Together, every important detail is displayed within the two views:

    • Contact Details (Summary View) 
    • Visit Details (Summary View) 
    • Services & Inventory (Cost View) 
    • Complete Costing (Cost View)
  • These details are required to be filled out while creating an invoice. They can also be edited at any point of time even after creation. Required invoice can be searched from the list of all created invoices easily with the help of advanced search with various filters.

    Invoice templates help create emails quickly and fuss-free. Invoices can be previewed before sending them across via email in a PDF format. The email automatically fills in relevant details that can again be edited if required, before sharing with the client. Alternatively, invoices can also be downloaded and printed if preferred.

    Find a dedicated list of visits that have not been invoiced (UnInvoiced Visits) as well as a separate list of invoices that have not yet been paid for by the client (UnPaid invoices). This helps keep a track of the accounts for your business.

    The total costing for each invoice is segregated in the ‘cost view’ to display profit (and selling price) that you would make out of the service that invoice has been created for. The ‘summary view’ displays the basic elements and the details contained will be part of the invoice to share.

  • Reports

    Generate reports in tabular or summary view for any given time period or generate them right from the beginning. Customize reports by selecting preferred columns, give each report your own title and description (if required); select invoice status (all/paid/unpaid) to total, save and run. You can run any created/system generated report whenever the need arises. You can regularly delete outdated reports which no longer serve a purpose.

  • Payments