Job Manager

  • Jobs frame your field services. Automate the process from job creation to completion. Please your clients with your field services and retain them for a long time. 

  • Now you can handle one-time and recurring jobs in one place and automate the whole process at the same time! FieldPLANR’s Job Management System/Contract Management module makes you forget the burden of never ending paperwork and eases your task.

    With the job manager, you can create one-time or recurring jobs based on your client’s specifications. The versatile field service software allows multiple settings to customize the solution to serve you best.

    With the incorporated field mobile app for technicians, you always have access to real-time information even if you do not physically communicate with your field engineers.

    Create services and inventory separately which can further be assigned at the click of a button while creating a new job/contract.

    Every job page shows you all the relevant details and more:

    • Two views – Summary View (for a brief information of important data) and Cost View (as name suggests, for cost split up details).
    • Set a contract period for you client and get alerted when the contract is about to expire.
    • Find all statuses of visits set for that job such as Scheduled, Unassigned, Completed, etc., for the day, the week or all time.
    • Find the entire job history including summary, contacts, sites, addresses and so on.