Make Your Field Service Management Solution A Reality

FieldPLANR FSM Software
  • Ever dreamed of providing great services to your client and getting a solution that takes care of all your field services and makes onsite services smooth?.

    You are not alone. Ideally, this is what every field service provider would expect from a solution they wish to invest in.

    This is what you would expect that your basic FSM software must provide:

    • Customer management
    • Lead management
    • Supplier management
    • Field job management
    • Inventory management
    • Quote management

    Have you thought of so many more features an FSM can actually provide to make your field service management completely automated?

    • Customer, lead and supplier management all in a single module; including tasks/calls for follow-up reminders
    • Purchase order management with suppliers; set order limits
    • Accurate quote estimation that can be shared with customer for online approval!
    • One-time and recurring onsite job management including service management
    • Inventory management in real-time based on visits and purchase orders. Customized low stock alerts so there is never shortage of inventory items
    • Multiple user access with customized access permissions for confidential information – customized user roles
    • Dedicated technician app that can be carried by technician onsite; Location tracker for the admin using geofencing.
  • FieldPLANR is here to make the ideal field service management solution a reality for your field service business! Started as a pest control software and loved by clients across the globe, FieldPLANR has expanded itself to be customized to ideally serve field service providers of nearly ALL industries.

    Our valued clients belong to these industries:

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