More Features

  • The import tool allows you to import data from an older solution or a system itself. Due to this, you are not wasting time inputting the same old data bit by bit!

  • The field service management system offers a host of additional features with the solution. Check them out below:

    Import Tool

    The import tool allows you to import your current data into the field service coordinator. Easy import of data also ensures security.

    You can download the provided sample file, input your data in the provided format and import in one click by uploading the file.

    There are two import tools built for FieldPLANR:

    1. Import CRM
    2. Import Sites

    Import CRM: Import the data of your clients, prospects and suppliers from another file that you were currently storing your data in – even if it is another software, as FieldPLANR can start off with your existing important data. 

    Import Sites: Import of multiple client sites in just a few minutes ensures error-free data. Once imported, they are good to use for other purposes within the solution. This saves you the time of inputting various sites one by one, as the import process imports sites in bulk. 

    The major use of import tool is to save time, cost and energy. 

  • Team Management

  • The field service organizing system allows the admin to add as many user roles as needed, depending upon the official roles in the business. Access permissions can be provided or revoked by the admin at any point of time. 

    Users can then be created and assigned one of these user roles that decides their access rights. Assign targets to your sales team and FieldPLANR calculates their performance for you so you can relax and know the performance of your team at the same time. You will also know the best performing staff this way. Manage your technicians and their schedules with the scheduler. 

  • Customization

    The highly modular field service coordinator can be customized to a great level according to your preferences. From colors to layouts, you can modify, change layout, save and view modules just the way you need. 

    On a higher level, you can opt for only the modules that your business requires and pay for that alone! FieldPLANR therefore suits your business perfectly and can be used with no difficulty. Customized modules stay the way they are when you save them. You can modify them at any point if necessary. 

    Reports are another great way to have history of all aspects of your business. Reports can also be generated as custom reports, saved and run. They can be created in tabular or summary view. 

  • Multiple Settings

  • Given the fact that FieldPLANR is highly customizable, you have multiple settings to get the best customization with the modules that you have opted for.

    Every module (Dashboard, CRM, Quotes & Jobs and so on) can be modified according to your preference. For e.g. select what widgets appear on the mini dashboard and the actual dashboard. Set your own templates for quotes and other emails depending upon how you want them to appear. Use these templates instead of starting one from the scratch every time you need to send across an email. 

  • When you have these many amazing features in a field service organizing system, what more can you as for? Organize your field services better than the best. Contact here to get started.