Project Manager

  • Manage multiple one-time jobs efficiently and quickly access related information in real-time with the one-stop Project Manager

  • Do you have a client company that is fully branched out with branches in multiple locations? Do you always get their field service requirements but feasible planning of similar jobs or even the same job for each of these locations at the same time getting on your nerves?

    The Project Manager module of FieldPLANR is here to the rescue as it allows you to handle multiple one-time jobs in multiple locations at the same time or another preferred time. For example, a job like catering service at most times is a one-time job since it is typically required to be carried out just once – for any occasion. 

    With FieldPLANR, you can define your client as either a company or an individual, create and store multiple sites (addresses) for each client as required. Regardless of the site address, you can mention any address for sharing invoice as per your preference.

    The project manager integrates seamlessly with the job manager module to give you a hassle-free project management and management of all other included jobs. 

  • Complete Breakup of Cost/markup & Final Cost

    • Total details of each service that is involved in all the jobs that are part of the project including service code, name, category, quantity with price.
    • Total details of each inventory item along with quantity that will be used for all those services including the inventory code, name, category, quantity with price.

    These stats displayed with a clear cost breakup help you analyze the worth of the project and help you make the best business decision. If you visit individual page of a job, you will find more details like the profit you will make. The exact breakup of the final quote for a job also lets you can analyze what is contributing to most part of the expenses.