• Manage your paper & inventory supplies through the automated purchases module

  • Purchases and Delivery Manager in one module

    Purchase orders can be raised as a completely separate job (from purchase order screen) with no link to any job. They can alternatively be raised right from a print job. If a purchase order is linked to a print job, all related records can be interlinked within the system. This way, you can access the information anytime you need in the future – all in one place.

    Listed below are some features of the Purchases Module of PrintPLANR:

    • Generation of purchase orders from purchase order screen or from print jobs;
    • Inventory items such as stationery or even outsourced work orders for third parties can be included in purchase orders;
    • Purchase orders can be created with multiple items. This enables quick ordering of inventory as well as outsourcing print items;
    • Purchase orders can be tracked using status;
    • Purchase order screen displays supplier’s quote number, invoice number and delivery date – all of which can be recorded for reference;
    • Depending upon the status, mark a purchase order as ready to be exported to your cloud accounting package;
    • Purchase reports can be custom-built and even saved for future usage.
  • The Delivery Manager allows you to record every detail, starting from the order until the delivery. Below are some features of this module:

    • Completed deliveries can be marked as complete and also be archived for future reference;
    • Reports can be custom-created. Save these reports for future reference as well, meaning that you can have all data regarding delivery in one place!
    • Create delivery notes, packing slips and box labels directly from this module. Alternatively, you can even do so from a job;
    • Split deliveries with different addresses can be easily generated;
    • Choose the logistics service provider from your supplier database. Delivery manager will automatically add their tracking URL with the email your customer receives regarding the delivery.