Quote Manager

  • Accurate quotes calculated on the basis of all relevant factors such as inventory and visits – direct share feature with online approval!

  • Manage your quotes in the simplest way with the automated quote manager module of FieldPLANR. Paperless quote management is now possible with the modern field service coordinator software.

    Impress your clients and prospects alike with the modern approach your business has towards quoting system for field services.

    FieldPLANR allows you to create inventory and services separately that can then be incorporated to form a job – whether one-time or recurring. Added plus, the inventory and services can be used innumerous times for different jobs/visits. This wards off the need for you to re-create inventory and services every time you add a new job, saving you a ton of time.

    Quotes are calculated based on:

    • Services completed for the visit
    • Inventory used to complete these services
    • Total number of visits