• Reports for every important module of the field service organizing system to get you a brief of history of carried out tasks.

  • Generate as many reports as you want, customize (columns), name and run. 

    The field service planning system offers two ways to view the report:

    • Tabular View: A Tabular report is a detailed report that displays the supplier name, code, status, date (supplier invoice date and delivery date), quantity, price and code of the item supplied, etc.
    • Summary View: A Summary report is a brief information holding report – it only contains the major details such as the supplier name, contact name and the purchase that has been made.
  • A report can be:

    • Edited even after creation (except system generated reports)
    • Exported in excel format
    • Viewed for a particular time duration
    • Printed for reference
    • Deleted.
  • On the field operations manager, reports can be created for the following modules:

    • CRM
    • Quotes
    • Contracts/Jobs
    • Visits
    • Invoices
    • Inventory
    • Invoices

    Reports are a great way to keep up with completed tasks and for every client in one page. Reports are especially handy when it comes to calculation. Total required columns with data for different modules such as total invoices value for the invoices module. 

    If you have any other doubts regarding the report management system of FieldPLANR, contact us here