Revolutionize Your Field Management CRM Solution With These Easy-peasy Tips

CRM Solution
  • Automation is ruling the business world and field service providers are changing the way they manage field services. With ever increasing need for improvising contract management, a field service management software is a must.

    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a basic but crucial need for any industry, regardless of the size of business.

  • Your field service CRM software solution is your one point decision to make or break your business.

  • Below are some tips to revolutionize your field management CRM solution:

    Complete FSM software

    The best CRM field service solution will act as a complete field service management software, meaning you don’t have to manage separate software for each of your business areas. It includes several crucial modules that work as one to let you manage your entire field management services from one place. It is also from the same vendor, so you just have one point of contact for all your concerns.

    Sales Tracking and Forecast

    Ensure your CRM has features like sales tracking; it will also be your one stop sales tracking CRM solution for improved sales and thus better profit. Field sales management software will include features like forecast, so you can set target and compare forecast versus actual sales to evaluate the team. Analyze the performance of your sales team, individually as well.

    Follow-ups for satisfied clients:

    A good field management CRM solution will include modern features to help you keep track of follow ups with ease. Not just clients, you can also add follow-up tasks/calls to even prospects and suppliers and assign each of them to different individual staff members. While you are just working towards reaching your goal, you are also ensuring satisfied customers. Informed clients make happy clients!

    Prospects, Suppliers and of course, Clients:

    A smart CRM Field Service Software will not just handle customer data but also prospects and suppliers and allows various operations on them. With the basic add, edit and delete, there can be smarter options like multiple contacts for the same client, task/calls for regular follow-ups, etc.

    Centralized System:

    No matter who enter data, you get to see it! Data syncs automatically across all systems so you are always informed with data in real-time. Decision makers can take informed decisions, thereby increasing your chances of profit.

    If you own a CRM that caters to all the needs mentioned above, you are on your way in revolutionizing your field management solution! FieldPLANR works for any field service provider business including pest control, cleaning services and recycling services to name a few.

    If you still manage multiple software to manage different areas of your business and worse, are still not satisfied with the performance, it’s high time that you switch! Start by investing in a reliable solution and let automation make a big difference to your business so you gain more profit.

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