Schedule Manager

  • Schedule visits for jobs and assign to available technicians displayed on the modern and comprehensive drag & drop calendar

  • FieldPLANR’s schedule manager is here to take the stress off your shoulders and give you a hand in instant scheduling of onsite visits for your jobs.

    Full Stack Calendar

  • Scheduling could not have been easier than this schedule manager! With the field service scheduling solution’s real-time calendar, schedule visits in a matter of seconds. In the calendar view of the scheduler, you can find the details below:

    Unassigned: those which have not yet been assigned a technician) visits.

    Unscheduled: those which have been assigned a technician and visit has also been created, but the date and time have not yet been specified) visits.

    Technician availability is customizable & color coded to differentiate between various technicians.

  • This helps you and your team carry out visits, tasks & calls as planned. The drag & drop feature allows for easy scheduling from a list of unscheduled and unassigned visits that are displayed in a column to the right of the calendar.


    Assign: Drag & drop an unscheduled and/or unassigned visit to the required date and time.

    Reschedule: Using the same drag & drop feature, you can reschedule them by moving to the required date & time.

    Close: Set status to completed once the task/call has been carried out successfully.

    Find all the unassigned visits right on the same calendar page of the current month. Just drag the unassigned visit onto the date on which you want to assign it and it is automatically saved. It’s that simple!

    The ‘Drag & Drop’ feature assures the easiest approach of scheduling. The calendar lets you view all visits that have been scheduled and assigned technicians, just by opening the calendar view under ‘Scheduler.’ For full access to information, calendar also displays unassigned and unscheduled jobs.

    Find the calendar for Visits under the ‘Scheduler’ module → Calendar View. You can also reschedule a visit by dragging it from one date to another. If the visit can still be carried out on the given date and time, just re-assign another technician instead of rescheduling the whole visit.

  • Views

    There are four view options that you can select for the field schedule manager’s calendar: 

    • Day View – View the schedule and technician availability for a particular day, expanded view of timings.
    • Week View – View the schedule and technician availability for the current week from Sunday through Saturday.
    • Month View – View the schedule and technician availability for the current entire month with days of the week.
    • Team View – View the schedule and technician availability for you team of technicians/staff. You can choose to view either only specified working hours or for 24 hours altogether.

    The module allows you to smart-schedule visits by assigning the same technician to different jobs that share nearby locations, thereby saving on commutation cost and precious time.

    The highly modular field service management software is easily a market leader and lets you take the authority of your business and pick the modules that you need. If you are still concerned about a field’s functionality of your business that you can’t find among our modules, contact us here and we will be happy to assist you!