Start Automation For Better Field Service Management Team

Real-Time Schedular with Multiple Views
  • Field service management is a vast subject in itself. What do you think of when it is mentioned?

    Are you happy with how you manage your field services? We really hope you don’t still use manual methods as they are quickly being washed out.

    Automation is been adopted by field service providers through field service automation software. With field services being more advanced than ever, automated field service management is a must. It would be wise to adopt automated field service ASAP.

    It is important to choose a field service solution from a renowned IT solution provider as you don’t want to invest in the wrong solution! Automation should be a one-time thing that should make your workflow smoother and not tougher. You should not worry about genuineness of the claims that any software gives, rather just benefit from their software solution for your business needs.

    You may have the best field technicians but with no gain as most of your time, energy and budget is spent on scheduling with no profit despite of successful completion of field jobs. The main challenge here lies in scheduling!

    FieldPLANR is a complete field service management software (FSM software) that includes scheduler with a modern outlook. The scheduler is on calendar that displays technician availability in REAL-TIME! This completely automates scheduling and you can plan the most feasible visits based on technician availability, location and more, all at your fingertips! Cloud-based field service solution also means that you can access it from anywhere via an internet connected device.

    The field service automation software provides multiple modules so you don’t have to invest in multiple software, each meant to handle a different area of your business!

  • How it helps manage team:

    Optimal Scheduling

    Calendar scheduler lets you schedule visits for field jobs while viewing technician availability. Various views available for optimum scheduling and thus resulting in not just successful onsite services but also increased profit.


    Measure sales and track the performance of salespersons. Create forecast, compare the actual value with the forecast to analyze how your sales team is doing, even individually.

    Technician App / Field Mobile App

    Field mobile app or the technician app is dedicated to your onsite technician and they can carry it to field services. Technically advanced features such as geofencing lets you track technician location without them having to know!

    Create User Roles

    The field service automation software lets you create multiple user roles and provide varying access permissions. Centralized system displays real-time information to everyone who can access the solution whether from office or elsewhere!

    Field job estimates are as accurate as they can get. Share with customer and let your team progress it to job in one click, thus saving time!

    FieldPLANR is versatile and is perfect for any type of field service provider. Cloud-based field service management software can be accessed from multiple devices, all you need is internet.

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