What Is Automated Field Service Management? 10 Quick Tips!

Efficient Field Services
  • Automation is quickly taking over nearly every industry and care should be taken that you are updated so that you do not fall behind your competitors.

    Field service management is one business that requires a lot of attention as it involves handling numerous employees and also customers. Some tasks of any field service management business includes:

    • CRM – customer relationship management with an aim to satisfy clients.
    • Jobs/Contracts – The main operating module of the field service business that encompasses the whole field service process.
    • Services Management – Data regarding different field services that you provide with all required details.
    • Scheduling visits for jobs based on priority and ensuring that all items are intact.
    • Ensuring that tasks are carried out as expected by those assigned & are on time.

    Automation of field services and management can lead to multiple benefits. What can you do to get the best out of your field service management software FieldPLANR?


    Impress customers with great and timely services. Smartly manage not just customers, but also prospects and suppliers. Add tasks/calls and assign to staff to follow up.


    Create and share quote with customer in a readable PDF format who can approve it online. You can further progress the quote to job in one click if it meets your requirements. Estimates are split precisely so your customers knows what they are paying for.

    Job Management:

    FieldPLANR manages one-time as well as recurring jobs/contracts seamlessly with various modules. Job status in real time for quick references on the centralized system.


    Scheduler on calendar shows technician availability in real time so it gets easy to schedule visits. Various views (day/week/month/team view) for smoother scheduling and optimized planning.


    Create services with description, images and assign inventory along with amount required for that service. Use ready services for any job without having to create from scratch.


    Manage inventory seamlessly with access to count in real time. Count decreases or increases based on services or purchase order deliveries respectively.


    Attain the best profit by setting out a forecast and target plan with FieldPLANR. Measure actual vs. sales values for better analysis.

    Technician App:

    the app created for field technicians can also be used in remote areas where there is no internet connection. Data can still be input and the same syncs as soon as internet is gained back.

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