What is Contract Management Software? Know the Best practices for recycling and waste management contracts

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  • Recycling and waste management is here to stay. With increase in population and decrease in resources, management of recycling services and waste management services is getting more challenging. The related workflow must be automated for best output.

    A field service management (FSM) software is the key to automate and manage onsite services for successful completion.

    FieldPLANR is a breakthrough cloud solution that is a lot more than just basic Recycling Services Contract Management Software. The cloud-based solution serves as a complete contract management software for recycling services and waste management services.

    FieldPLANR recycling services contract management software includes many modules that can be personally chosen to build your very own customized solution for onsite services.

    Contract management solution will automate your business tasks and streamline your workflow. This also lets you manage your employees from anywhere. FieldPLANR recycling services contract management software lets you create user roles and assign different access permissions to each role. Each employee can further be assigned to their relevant role.

    Recycling Services:

    Computer Hardware – Recycle dismantled parts that are in great condition rather than disposing off the whole computer because one part isn’t working. FieldPLANR provides reverse logistics management

    Other Recyclable Materials – Recycling of materials such as plastic, paper, etc., so they can be re-used many times over.

    Waste Management Services:

    FieldPLANR creates customized waste management service software for waste management including hazardous, non hazardous, medical waste, residential waste and more.

    How FieldPLANR contract management software helps?

    Centralized System & Advanced Dashboard

    Data input from any user that you have authorized, will reflect the same on the centralized system, thanks to real-time data sync. Dashboard can be customized to display the information that’s most important to you. BI techniques incorporated to display the important business info in a highly comprehensive form.


    Customer, prospect as well as supplier management under one module. Add follow ups and automatically set reminders, assign them to staff.

    Inventory Management

    Inventory count access in real-time based on contracts and purchase orders. Custom low stock alert so you never run out of stock of any product required for services.

    Service Management

    Add services that can be used in any contract, any number of times. This saves time as you don’t have to create services for each contract, from the scratch.

    Contract Management & Scheduling

    Easily use created services created for either one-time or recurring jobs. Retain or even edit inventory quantities as required. Schedule visits for contracts in real-time calendar that displays technician availability to make your task seamless.

    Customized Reporting

    Run system generated or create custom reports to have a strong analysis of your business. Take informed business decisions.

    Technician App

    Dedicated technician app that your field technician can carry to onsite services. Updates made will reflect in the centralized system that you can access from anywhere. Even works in offline mode, especially helpful in remote areas with no internet access. Notifications help technician carry out onsite services efficiently.

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