What Your Customers Really Think About Your Field Management CRM Solution

Customer Relationship Management for Field Service Providers1
  • As much important as conversion of leads into customers is, retaining customers is also equally important. It not only ensures they stay but also increases your chances of gaining more prospects through great reviews.

    How often you follow up is a major factor based on which your customers will decide if they want to stick by you or not.

    Of course, your approach matters too! When used well, a top-notch field service CRM software lets you analyze high-value customers so you can give the priority that they deserve.

    Sales tracking CRM solution for FSM not just helps your employees carry out their tasks efficiently but also impresses your customers. You seem more professional as a field service provider, effortlessly.

    FieldPLANR is a field management solution built for field service providers that offers CRM field service solution to manage your customers, prospects and even suppliers.

    A field management CRM solution must act more than just a basic CRM field service software. It should be flexible, customizable yet affordable.

    You feel that your employees are providing your customers the best customer service, but how sure are you? A Field management CRM solution like FieldPLANR also acts as a Sales tracking CRM solution so you can manage your employees from literally wherever you are. Set forecast, then compare forecast vs. actual value to measure the sales team’s efficiency.

    FieldPLANR is a complete field service management software (FSM software) that offers multiple modules including CRM. With FieldPLANR, you have CRM built into field sales management software so there is no need to invest in separate software for different areas of your business.

    How Field Service CRM Software FieldPLANR helps:

    Automate Follow-ups:

    Assign tasks and calls for every case to any employee. Automate follow-up reminders as per scheduled data and time. This way you will never lose a customer because follow-up was missed!

    Case Status:

    Notes can be added by the relevant employee for every task/call. Real-time access to every client, prospect or supplier’s follow-up related information.

    Customer Feedback:

    Take feedback using multipurpose forms offered by the field management CRM solution and create it to fit your requirements the most. If necessary, modify your business approach accordingly to grow.

    The CRM field service software is a must for field service providers who wish to grow their customer base and succeed in their business.

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