Purchase Order Manager

  • Automate and streamline purchase orders to always have a strong hold on your purchases from suppliers.

    Organize the process from placing product orders to receiving goods that will stock up your inventory! 

    While inventory management is a tough task in itself, managing purchase orders, on the other hand, has challenges of its own. In fact, it requires even more attention as purchase orders play a major role in modifying your budget. Purchase orders require careful planning and constant communication with the relevant suppliers to ensure the orders are taken as placed and shipped on time to receive them as required. 

    The field service coordinator automates the process flow of purchase orders from the time they are placed until delivered to the receiving end. The field operations manager helps ward off unnecessary phone calls to suppliers at every stage of the purchase order. 

    The field service organizing system allows you to create as many purchase orders as required and access the data whenever required. All details that are a part of the purchase order can be specified for that order: 

    • Supplier Details (name of a supplier company or an individual supplier) 
    • Contact (supplier related contact, contact address)
    • Delivery details (specify address – select from any saved address)
    • Status (can always be modified as per the flow of the purchase order)
    • Details of the placement (Contact/person/company placing the purchase order)
    • Carrier supporting the purchase order (with reference number, quote, invoice, delivery date details)
    • Mark goods as received (so there isn’t any wasted time on communicating about the same)
    • Details of items (multiple items with details of each such as item name, quantity, price and even notes).

    How FieldPLANR is different:

    • All purchase orders in one place with a unique number for each purchase order
    • Easy access to any purchase order, thanks to the advanced search option with filters
    • Assign inventories directly from existing products
    • Create any number of new inventories on spot and mention required details to add it to the list of inventories that are a part of the purchase order that you are placing
    • Separate calculated total for the entire purchase order – with tax and without tax
    • Once the inventory used serve no purpose for future services that you provide, you can delete any of the items one by one or multiple at a time. If none of the items are helpful, you can delete the entire purchase order from the FieldPLANR database.

    With multiple settings available for every module, the field service planning system allows for customization for the best experience. The highly modular solution can be customized a per your needs and modified on a timely basis to suit your requirements. 

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